PHTT Reflections: Past Participant Interview II

The results for the 2018 Public Health Think Tank have just been released! In preparation for this year’s conference, we reached out to one of our past participants, Tamara Maarouf, a student from the University of Sharjah.

PHTT: Hello! Please briefly introduce yourself.

Tamara: My name is Tamara Maarouf, and I’m a senior dental student in University of Sharjah. I had the opportunity to participate last year in the PHTT conference with its theme on spreading oral health awareness among UAE individuals and in particular young children

P: What was it like to participate in the 2017 PHTT?

T: My experience with PHTT had a huge positive impact on my oral health awareness perspective and gave me an insight on how awareness could be delivered on a larger scale to have a more lasting effect. One example is the approach many of us came to agree on by the end of the conference, which is the inclusion of an oral health awareness segment in the educational curriculum of UAE public schools which will likely result in an immediate positive impact on UAE school children

P: How did your team work to tackle the issue of oral health in the UAE?

T: My team and I worked on a similar approach focusing on the idea of a loyalty program to promote dental visits among uae nationals. You can view my team’s (Al Ain) presentation here.

P: Has your experience in the 2017 PHTT remained relevant following the conference?

T: The topic of the conference was of great interest to me since I am working alongside the pediatrics team in the University of Sharjah to promote health awareness among school children via various health promoting events and activities. I would say that PHTT helps the passionate public health-focused participants widen their perspectives on the various modern methods that could be used to promote awareness in one of the fastest developing countries like the UAE.