The Core Team: The People Behind PHTT

The Public Health Think Tank is led by a team of diverse students from NYU Abu Dhabi, hailing from a range of different countries and pursuing different majors:

Athena Thomas is an NYU Abu Dhabi student from Singapore and Greece. She is a third year student majoring in Economics and Philosophy. This is her second year being part of the PHTT core team and she is very excited about it! Athena is a strong proponent of giving individuals the chance to take control of their lives, and she believes that the exposure to public health and epidemiology that the PHTT provides is a perfect example of this. In her (often nonexistent) free time, she enjoys eating, sleeping, and writing about herself in the third person.
Fatima Alaydaroos is a Biology major from Al Ain in Abu Dhabi. She aspires to work in either the research field or medicine in the future and is interested in diseases. She enjoys watching movies and ice cream. She got involved with PHTT in 2016 as a volunteer, then became a member of the core team in 2017. As she continues believing in the importance of youth involvement in public health issues, she is also excited to continue working with the core team in 2018 for another successful conference.
Jessica Molina is a student at NYU Abu Dhabi, where she is majoring in History, with minors in Natural Sciences and Political Science. She has a special interest in environmental history and ecological anthropology but has long been interested in public health. Jessica comes from Mexico City, where she was born and raised. She is very interested in exploring the relationship between humans and their environment, which she finds relevant to deciding how we deal with public health issues. This is her second time as part of the PHTT Core Team and is looking forward to apply what she learned from her experience last year. In her free time, Jessica enjoys reading, playing baseball, going to the cinema and playing the piano.
Kai-Wen Yang is an NYU Abu Dhabi student from Taiwan, majoring in electrical engineering. She is especially interested in biomedical engineering, the discipline in which technologies can be utilized to help prevent, diagnose, and treat human diseases. She is also very passionate about art, music, dancing, and swimming. This is her first time joining the warm PHTT family, and she can’t wait to meet and have discussions with everyone!
Hafsa Ahmed is a Social Research and Public Policy major at NYU Abu Dhabi . She hails from Lahore in Pakistan, a country  battling public health issues on many fronts. This has fuelled her passion for engagement in the health field from a policy and intervention perspective. Her relationship with PHTT began 2 years ago, first as a volunteer and then a participant. This year, as a member of the core team, she has made it her mission to deliver a dynamic conference that does not only provide its participants with opportunities for problem-solving and project-implementation but also those for discourse on the public health phenomenon inherent in each. On the odd occasion she catches a free moment, Hafsa enjoys playing table tennis, reading Lucretius and watching live theatre. She is looking forward to meeting all PHTT 2018 participants this Fall!


The PHTT 2018 core team is indebted to our advisors whose contributions make PHTT possible:

Abdishakur Abdulle, PhD serves as Associate Director of the Public Health Research Center at NYU Abu Dhabi. Dr. Abdulle is a Harvard Global Clinical Scholar in Epidemiology and Clinical Trials and earned his PhD from the University of Central Lancashire, UK. He also holds a Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Management from Australia.
Alexandra Dimitri, PhD serves as Department Head and faculty at Fatima College of Health Sciences, where she oversees more than 30 faculty at four colleges. Dr. Dimitri previously worked as a pre-health and STEM advisor and faculty at NYU Abu Dhabi, and has advised the PHTT from the first conference in 2014.
Andrea Leinberger-Jabari, MPH serves as Assistant Director for Tobacco Research at NYU Abu Dhabi. Prior to joining NYU Abu Dhabi, she held positions at The Rockefeller University Center for Clinical and Translational Science and the Clinical and Translational Science Institute at the University of Minnesota, where she has been responsible for various community engaged research activities. Ms Leinberger-Jabari has also served as the Director of US-based Health Programs for an international, community-based organization, where she was responsible for planning, implementing and evaluating community-based health promotion initiatives primarily serving immigrant and refugee families.